Long Story Short

In 2016 i got my Masters degree in Economics and since then I've been working as a freelancer on various projects mostly as a web developer or a Marketing Specialist.

I'm passionate about making new ideas come to reality.


Web Development

I like to think that mixture of knowledge in web development and economics puts me in the right place when it comes to helping my clients to utilize the web for growing their businesses.

Front End (Vue.js)
Back End (Laravel)

Digital Marketing

Everyone can come up with a huge budget and achieve good results. The catch is to spend as little as possible and achieve as much as possible.

Google Ads
Facebook Ads
Content Writing

Other Skills

When you are a one man band you have to learn this and that, consequently I worked on everything from writing business plans to video editing.

UI/UX Design
Vector Graphic Design
Image Manipulation
Video Editing
Business Plans


Professional Specialist of Business Trade

University of Split, Department of Professional Studies

Educated to work in a wide spectrum of industry branches essential for the successful functioning of business on both national and international markets, particularly in the sphere of operational professional and specialist business activities and managerial structures of front line, middle and top management.

Professional Bachelor of Economics

University of Split, Department of Professional Studies

Educated in the field of modern theoretical and advanced practical procedures and methods of implementation of trade and entrepreneurial skills, as well as modern techniques of foreign trade including international travel and tourism, which provides a basis for practical and independent work.

Hotel and Tourism Tehnician

Tourism and Catering School in Split

Educated to work in tourist agencies and hotel receptions. The outcome of 4 year programme is high proficiency in english and a basic understanding of Italian and German language.

Other Features

Driving License

If there is something that can't be done over the internet I can be there in no time.

Street Art

I like to express myself through a form of street art. Been writing graffiti since 2000's.

Nature Lover

I live in an area where sea, rivers, mountains and woods are all just 10 mins away.

Dog owner

He is always on the watch. Just try to sneak out and go outside without him.

Get In Touch

Whether you're curious about services i provide, prices or my prior experience I'm ready to answer any and all questions.

  • 21000 Split, Croatia
  • +385 97 613 2503
  • tinobotic@gmail.com